Accelerate the committed to be significant

We help individual to grow and succeed in reaching their greatest potential through our pillars which connect, collaborate, contribute with thousands of members and networks by Conecworld Super App

Conecworld Ecosystem Framework



Membangkitkan sinergi antar individu dengan menciptakan ekosistem untuk memperluas jaringan dan wawasan



Memberikan kesempatan kepada individu untuk berkolaborasi satu sama lain melalui program dan aktivitas yang beragam



Menciptakan dampak sosial yang positif pada masyarakat dengan bekerja sama untuk kesejahteraan rakyat

Here, Every Individual be able to Catch Thousands of Opportunities Easier

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Boost Productivity through Conecworld Super App

Tingkatkan dan integrasikan produktivitas melalui berbagai fitur yang tersedia pada Conecworld Super App


Enjoy One of The Largest Collaborative Spaces

Nikmati Ruang Kolaborasi seluas 18.000+ m2 untuk memfasilitasi seluruh aktivitas lebih dari sekadar ruang kerja

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Collaborate with Thousands of Members & Networks

Kesempatan tumbuh berkolaborasi dengan ribuan member, partner, dan investor

Our Happy People




Strategic Partners



Enjoy Our Products and Services

Comprehensive Solutions

Temukan layanan dan pakar untuk mengembangkan potensi diri dan bisnis


Jangkau ribuan jaringan bisnis untuk menjalin kolaborasi strategis


Akses beragam konten informatif untuk menambah pengetahuan dan pengalaman

Only within Months
We Have Built a Family

What They Said
Unggul Riyadi.png
Unggul T. Riady
Ex-Region Head of OVO Founder & CMO of JOCA
"It's huge, that's what I imagine what Conecworld will be like. Managed by the greats in it, I am sure, something revolutionary will happen."
August Ming
Agus Ming Widjaja
Director of Zoom Hotels
"As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that starting something is a very long path. Creating your masterpiece often requires money, peers, connection, and guidance. Conecworld is the light that shine your way to get all that, it is a community of entrepreneur, who shared their valued ideas, time, and sweat to grow together. Come and join us, Conecworld is definitely the place to be."
David Antonius.png
David Antonius
Director of Citi9 Group
"Not only excellent location and facilities, Conecworld is a startup that created an ecosystem for a better entrepreneurial environment and it is beyond space. With visionary, administrative, and detailed Leaders, Conecworld's vision of creating one million Conectizen will surely come true!"